Regional training seminar for OIE National Focal Points on Animal Welfare

18–20 June 2019 - The Hague, The Netherlands


List of participants


Setting the scene for the OIE Animal Welfare Focal Points seminar
The OIE standard setting process - Fabien Schneegans, OIE

Terms of reference of the OIE Focal Points. Their role within the OIE Animal Welfare Programme    - Tomasz Grudnik, OIE

Animal Welfare Focal Points activities, opportunities and challenges - Léon Arnts, The Netherlands

Animal Welfare Focal Points activities, opportunities and challenges - DimitarTerzievski, North Macedonia

OIE animal welfare working programme and the OIE Global Animal Welfare Strategy and OIE Global Animal Welfare Forum - Leopoldo Stuardo, OIE

OIE animal welfare standards implementation

Animal transport: Reducing transport time for slaughter animals - Léon Arnts

Animal transport and Whole Journey Scenario (WJS) workshops - Tomasz Grudnik

How to use animal-based criteria as indicators of animal welfare and which are the challenges for their use in pig production systems?- Herman Vermeer, WUR, The Netherlands

Climate indicators in pig housing - Renske van der Star, NVWA, The Netherlands

Animal-based measures in laying hen production systems - Stefan Gunnarsson, SLU, Sweden

Animal-based measures in slaughter and killing for disease control purposes - Antonio Velarde, IRTA, Spain

Updates and new work on OIE Animal Welfare Standards

Bases to develop a dog population control programme and its monitoring - Paolo Dalla Villa, IZSAM, Teramo, Italy

Tools for supporting implementation of the Chapter 7.12 on welfare of working equids - Tisa Kosem, ICWE
ISO TS 34700 Animal welfare management: General requirements and guidance for organizations in the food supply chain; Experiences on their use - Olav Østerås, TINE Norwegian Dairy

Other Animal Welfare activities and OIE animal welfare future challenges

Animal welfare in a natural disaster situation –role of veterinary services - Aleksandar Nemet, Bosnia and Herzegovina

How can Animal Welfare NGOs support the OIE activities on animal welfare in a disaster management context - Lois Lelanchon, IFAW representative

EU Platform on animal welfare - Stanislav Ralchev, DG SANTE European Commission

OIE Platform on AW for Europe: External evaluation of the Platform - Fabien Schneegans

OIE Platform on AW for Europe: Third Action Plan update -  Fabien Schneegans

Closing remarks - Fabien Schneegans