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Year 2019
2019-05-15 SG 12
Twelfth Meeting of the Steering Group of the OIE Platform on animal welfare for Europe (SG12)
the fifth OIE Platform stakeholders consultation meeting
EU Platform on Animal Welfare https://ec.europa.eu/food/animals/welfare/eu-platform-animal-welfare_en
OIE Animal Welfare Forum “Animal transport: a shared responsibility”

Dogs play important and valuable roles as companion and working animals around the world, but managing their populations is still a challenge for many countries. Unmanaged populations can be a concern for transmission of rabies and other zoonoses, road traffic accidents, conflicts with people, livestock and wildlife, and welfare of the dogs themselves. Humane dog population management (DPM) improves the quality of life for dogs, people and the environment. While there is no single DPM intervention that will work for all situations, success and innovation are happening around the world, and this conference provides a professional opportunity to learn how these experiences could improve your programmes.

The 3rd International Humane DPM conference will bring the public sector and NGOs together with specialists in animal welfare, animal health, public health and education, ecologists, economists and social scientists. It will feature best practice presentations from leading organizations and academics as well as an international perspective from the WHO, OIE and FAO. The conference will provide a platform for sharing DPM learnings, revealing the role of data in evidence-based design and evaluation, and networking between stakeholders to build new perspectives and opportunities. Workshops will provide an opportunity to learn more about new tools for improving programme planning,  implementation and veterinary services. Delegates will leave enriched with new insights into population dynamics, management and policy; practical knowledge to support implementation; and enhanced motivation to bring benefits to dogs, people and the environment through humane and sustained dog population management.

Conference Themes:

  1. Achieving rabies elimination by 2030
  2. One Health and DPM - benefits to animal welfare, public health and the environment
  3. Innovative tools and approaches in real-life DPM projects
  4. Using data in DPM design, monitoring and evaluation
  5. Community engagement and human behaviour change
  6. Resolving conflicts with wildlife and livestock
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