Context History of the Platform

During the OIE seminars for National Focal Points on Animal Welfare, held in Ukraine in 2012 and Italy in 2013, OIE Member Countries confirmed the prominent role of the OIE in animal welfare and expressed the need for an innovative regional mechanism to improve and fast-track compliance with OIE animal welfare standards. They called on the OIE to develop a sustainable regional mechanism to facilitate the implementation of the OIE standards on animal welfare by all 53 member countries of the OIE Regional Commission for Europe.


At the 80th General Session of the OIE in May 2012, the theme « Regional steps towards common Animal Welfare approach in Europe » was chosen as the technical item of the 25th Conference of the Regional Commission for Europe to be held in Germany on 17-21 September 2012. During the Conference, a Concept Note for a regional mechanism for animal welfare in Europe was discussed and adopted. 


This initiative for capacity building programs and exchange of best practices is now known as OIE Platform on animal welfare for Europe and was officially endorsed in May 2013.