The welfare of working equids

The welfare of working equids is one of five priority topics of the second Action Plan (2017-2019) of the OIE Platform on animal welfare for Europe.  In many countries of the region equids (horses, mules, and donkeys) are still used as a drafting power for agriculture and transportation especially in rural areas, and have in this regard an important economic role.

The poor welfare of these animals remains an important challenge, and raising countries awareness on the newly adopted Chapter 7.12 on welfare of working equids of OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code is a first step to improve this situation and pave the way for future capacity building activities. 

The second Action Plan (2017-2019) of the OIE Platform includes several activities on the welfare of working equids focusing initially on raising awareness of working equids welfare issues in the countries of the region.

  • Awareness Day
    As one of the first these activities, the OIE Platform in collaboration with the International Coalition for the Welfare of Working Equids (ICWE) organised an Awareness Day on the Welfare of Working Equids for West Eurasia countries  as part of three-day OIE Animal Welfare event for West Eurasia countries held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on 27-29 September 2018.

  •  Awareness Campaign
    The second Action Plan of OIE Platform includes development of Awareness Campaign package on working equids for West Eurasia with focus on a value of working equids and welfare and health aspects equids to help to raise public awareness in for Central Asia countries.

  • Webinars
    Regular webinars focusing on specific issues of welfare of working equids also are planned to be organised as part of second Action Plan.