OIE ‘Whole Journey Scenario’ Workshops on animal welfare during long distance transport

As the OIE recognizes the challenges in implementation animal welfare standards in long distance transport of live animals by land and by sea occurring in Europe and between Europe and the Middle‐East, the OIE Platform already organised series of capacity building activities for countries of the region. The collaboration between Competent Authorities of countries along the whole journey is essential element to ensure the welfare of animals during long and cross-border transport. The OIE Platform is planning to organise workshops involving various countries Competent Authorities responsible for animal welfare in transport during the whole journey.

The ‘Whole Journey Scenario’ workshops focus on the responsibilities of the Competent Authorities regarding animal welfare in transport during the whole journey, involving countries along the specific route. In addition, these workshops will provide an opportunity to share best practices and strengthen collaboration between Competent Authorities.


The first pilot ‘Whole Journey Scenario’ workshop involving Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan was held on 25-27 April 2018 in Zaborek, Poland.

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As the methodology tested during pilot workshop, proofed to be successful, will be extended and apply to a whole series of Whole Journey Scenario’ workshops covering intra‐regional (Europe) and inter‐regional (Europe/Middle East/North Africa) routes.