The welfare of animals during long distance transport by sea in Europe

As part of capacity building activities for Veterinary Services the OIE Platform has developed training materials on long distance transport by sea. The training modules will be used to organize OIE seminars and train-the-trainer workshops on long distance transport by sea in Europe, Middle-East and other regions as relevant.

The training materials were developed by Centre for Animal Welfare and Ethics University of Queensland in Australia as part of OIE Collaborating Center on Animal Welfare Science and Bioethical Analysis. 

The training/learning materials comprise five MS PowerPoint presentations accompanying Technical Notes. The Technical Notes document covers presentation topics in more detail providing a framework of knowledge comprising relevant standards and science.

Training materials: 

Part One Use of animal behavior in handling

Part Two Planning and Preparations for the Journey

Part Three Loading and Transport by Sea

Part Four Case Study

Part Five Animal Welfare in Transport and Meat Quality

Technical Notes